Suicide Club/ Sucide Circle

Warning: This is NOT your typical horror film. Suicide Club is disturbing, thought-provoking, and not for the casual movie-goer or thrill-seeker: If you go into this expecting to be frightened or constantly jumping out of your seat, you're bound to be disappointed. And confused. Both of which are terrible combinations.

This review is basically an attempt to clear up some misconceptions, confusion, and general questions viewers may have experienced after watching this film. I don't claim to be an expert--FAR FROM IT--but since this is one of my favorite Japanese horror films, I wanted to at least attempt to explain what it is about this movie that I find so engaging. I really think its one of those movies that deserves (and probably needs) a second look. Without it, many people have a tendency to process what's only on the surface, and miss what the director is truly trying to say--about Japan, technology, suicide, and society in general.

So from here on out, spoilers will be unavoidable.

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