Temptation of Wolves

((summary taken from AsianMediaWiki))

Han-kyung a rustic girl, comes to town to live with her mom. Attracted to her pure charm, the most popular guys Hae-won and Tae-sung come up to fight each other. But Tae- sung has a fatal secret not to love her. Their sad love triangle makes everyone cry.

This movie is also known by the title, Romance of Their Own.

He Was Cool

((summary taken from AsianMediaWiki))

Having replied to a wicked post on her school website, Ye-won keeps getting a threatening call from a boy named Ji Eun-sung. Having heard about him from her friend, she keeps running away from him. But they kissed accidentally when Ye-won was trying to escape from him. Having his lips stolen by Ye-won, Eun-sung threatens her to marry him, adding that no other girl has ever kissed him before. The only thing Ye-won can do is to obey for whatever Eun-sung said. At first, Ye-won just hate him the most for his self-righteousness and unreasonableness. But she gradually finds herself is starting to fall for him…

My Beautiful Girl Mari

((summary taken from asianmediawiki.com))

Nam-woo and Jun-ho have grown up as best friends in a Korean fishing village. As the film opens, the two are meeting again as adults. Jun-ho offers Nam-woo a small box, which launches a flashback to their childhood days. The two children each have social problems: Nam-woo has been solitary and detached since his father died, keeping only Jun-ho and a stray cat named Yo as friends, while Jun-ho is teased for his rich family (and because he's a bit of a whiner).

The combination of a special marble and a condemned lighthouse send Nam-woo into an alternate world of imagination, where he finds huge flowers and coral, clouds on strings, flying globefish, a giant dog and a mute girl covered in wool who he calls Mari. During a storm, in a moment of danger, fantasy appears to converge with reality. But as the vision fades, Nam-woo and Jun-ho move on with their lives.

Time (Shi Gan)

((summary taken from asianmediawiki.com))

Seh-hee and Ji-woo are a young couple two years into their relationship. Though he never acts on his impulses, Ji-woo has something of a roving eye and Seh-hee is intensely jealous and fearful that Ji-woo will soon lose interest and leave her. Believing that Ji-woo is bored with seeing the same, boring her all the time, Seh-hee takes drastic action, leaving him without warning and having drastic cosmetic surgery, taking on a new face, which she hopes to use to snare him again, under an assumed identity, once she has healed. But when Ji-woo shows interest in this new and "improved" Seh-hee, it triggers only more self-doubt and loathing. After all, he may love the ‘new’ girl, but does this mean that he has rejected the old? Seh-hee is utterly trapped in her own insecurities, a situation that prompts Ji-woo to take drastic action of his own.