Li Xiao Yao (Hu Ge) is an orphan who lives with his Aunt, whose considered a lazy trouble maker by many. When his Aunt falls ill, he's instructed to travel to a mystical island to retrieve the antidote to save her. Once there, he runs into Zhao Ling'er (Liu Yi Fei), a young and naive girl who claims Xiao Yao's the savior who rescued her many years before. Though he's confused and denies it, he quickly falls in love with her, and they get married at the insistent prodding of her nanny/grandmother. Soon after, however, the island is attacked by the same mysterious men who sent Xiao Yao there to retrieve the antidote, and Ling'er is forced to send him away in order to protect him.

Once home, Xiao Yao quickly awakens to find his Aunt healthy, but after a sudden confrontation with the men who attacked the island, his memory is stolen, and he forgets all about Ling'er and their subsequent marriage. Though the two are easily reunited, to stay together they must battle not only their own crippling self-doubts, but demons and monsters, the evil Lunar Sect, and the cruel hand of destiny itself.

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