Nodame Cantabile (Episodes 01-11)


THIS is what dramas should be like.

Insane characters? Check.

Riveting story? Check.

Amazing soundtrack? Check.

Hilarious, over-the-top moments? Double check.

No wonder I LOVE this drama!

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Several times, I laughed so hard, I cried!

odame Cantabile is based off the manga of the same name, and though I've never read it, while watching it, you can tell. I mean, things happen in this show that you just don't expect to see happening in the real world: people being pulled off a giant rock with no concern for human safety, and then physically dragged away; someone being punched out of nowhere and sent flying; a homosexual with an afro who intends to express his overwhelming feelings of love by playing the timpani.

And of course there's also a rock-and-roll loving violinist, a mongoose-wearing piano player, a talented musician who can't study abroad because the thought of air-planes AND boats, sends him into a near-seizure; and a crazy, perverted maestro who seems to prefer chasing women than actually conducting.

Yes, folks. THIS is my kind of humor, lol.

Yet, despite all of this, there IS hidden depth to this drama. It may seem silly and exaggerated at first, but if you stick with it long enough, you'll discover that there really is a touching story beneath the gags and jokes. These characters DO grow and mature throughout the course of its 11 episodes, and it's amazing and inspiring to watch it happen. And of course the soundtrack compliments it beautifully (and I'm not even a fan of classical music).

All of these characters are easy to love--which makes them even more fun to cheer for--and there's not one of them that you don't wish to see succeed.

As for the romance... I wasn't disappointed with it at all. There are cute, sweet, moments scattered throughout the episodes, and though it may not "officially" happen until later in the series, they're such a perfect couple and compliment each other so well, that I really didn't mind the wait. Plus, they're freaking hilarious together! I've definitely never seen another couple like them before, in dramas or in anime. I'm just so glad they adapted this manga--I can't believe I'd never heard of it before!

Some of my favorite scenes were when they were performing in concert. Whether it was the orchestra, or just one of the piano competitions, while watching it I was deeply moved--and I know next to nothing about music--I couldn't even tell you if they were playing it correctly or not! But the passion they have for music... it's just amazing. You can almost feel it when you're watching them play. Some of my favorite moments was when Nodame would be inspired after hearing Chiaki perform, and she'd run off, desperately searching for a piano so she could play too--soundlessly miming the piano movements in the air as she ran.

I envy someone who can be so passionate about something they enjoy. Any drama that can successfully blend humor with realistic situations and characters like that (and in such a strange, believable way) deserves 5 stars.

I highly *highly* recommend it. I'm definitely adding it to the list of my favorites!

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  1. I loved this drama! I loved it for it's light heartedness and the fact that it was so much like a manga with insane characters and facial expressions, it's really perfect. I didn't like it as much toward the end because it got sad but that only because of the mood, lol, the acting and actual quality of the drama was still just as good! I'd seen two episodes and already recommended it to all my friends, definitely a fav.!


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