The Host

I’m not normally a fan of “monster” movies… they usually lack originality, believability, and likable, sympathetic characters. Plus, the monsters almost always look fake and ridiculous.

The Host, however, made me rethink the monster genre completely! The entire film was so well done I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Maybe because the movie revolves around the rescue of a child… so you really want the heroes to succeed. All the characters were interesting and had depth: I loved how they all seemed so distant at the beginning of the movie, only to become unbelievably close in the face of the crisis. It was really inspirational…and sad. One of the most heart-breaking scenes in the whole movie is the beginning, when they all come together to mourn Heon Sae who they think has died. When they lose it and start rolling around on the floor, fighting and throwing blame… it manages to be funny and extremely sad, all at the same time… it’s such a great, powerful scene.

And considering the plot, everything was actually very believable—if a mutant monster was ever created through dangerous toxic waste, I can imagine it behaving/looking a lot like the creature in this movie. I was surprised how realistic it looked, and how creepy it could be—I definitely wouldn’t want to go up against that thing!! The human reaction too, was very strong—the initial curiosity, which quickly turns to disbelief, fear, and panic—it was perfect. I loved how the crowd was originally throwing it food, and treating it like it was harmless… if a situation like this ever happened, I’d bet money people would be acting exactly this way!

It was all very believable… right up to the way everyone who came in contact with it was quarantined and isolated. Even the American government stepped in, and managed to screw things up.

I just loved the main family. Every single one of them was likeable, and the way they banned together in order to save their youngest was inspirational and beautiful. We can only hope our own families would go to such lengths during a tragedy, and do so fearlessly and bravely. I cried so much for them… I almost wanted to dislike them, so that it wouldn’t be so painful to watch. Truthfully, this was like a really well thought-out, acted, and directed revenge-and-rescue drama. The only difference is that the foe they’re facing is a freaky, killer monster… and their own government.

I really can’t stop gushing about this movie. It quickly became a favorite of mine, and is one that I wouldn’t mind watching again and again. Perhaps it’s because my expectations were so low to start with… but whatever the reason, this is a terrific film.

I really think this is a movie that almost anyone would enjoy. So trust me and watch it, okay! I promise that in the end, it’s more than just a “monster” movie. ;)

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