The Quiz Show (Season 1)


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ザ・クイズショウ / The Quiz Show

The Quiz Show features tormented characters in twelve episodes, with one common thread – the mysterious relationship between the deviant Producer and enigmatic Host of The Quiz Show. The Producer and the Host are both introduced in each episode in a dark asylum, the Producer looking put-together and strong, the Host, ill-looking and without his memory. This short opening flashes into the dream-like set of “The Quiz Show.” Each week a new contestant comes to play on the game show – little do they know that a dark secret deep within their past will be tested throughout the game.

Each contestant highlights one of the Seven Deadly Sins – pride, gluttony, wrath, greed, sloth, lust and envy. They hide their public image behind an unforgivable sin they have committed. As they are asked questions from the Host, seven questions in total, the contestants are slowly forced to reveal details of their sins – will they lie under the pressure, or will the truth of their irrepressible acts set them free?

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My Rating:

Since Galileo fell below expectations, I was determined to find something more Liar Game-esque, rather than searching for something that combined Trick AND Liar Game. Luckily, I discovered The Quiz Show.

It was exactly what I was looking for.

I was hooked within minutes. There aren't many shows that introduce a main character by showing him in a stark white room, obviously disturbed -- only to show him later that day as a lively, energetic game-show host. I'm still not sure if he was in some kind of insane asylum, or a hospital -- but the whole idea was really intriguing. I loved how he'd still be "out of it" seconds until the show went on air. At that moment, it was like some light switched on, and he was a completely different person.

For some odd reason, he kind of reminded me of Brook, the afro-music loving-skeleton from One Piece.

This series had everything I loved: quirky characters, an engaging plot, mystery/suspense, lots of unexpected twists. I loved the guy who played the host... it was fun watching his personality shift and change, and watching the mystery be revealed, piece by piece. And since each episode was only a half-hour, time really flew by. Every scene seemed important and necessary for the plot, so there was no dragging, no random scenes. It was a tightly scripted show.

I actually saw the first two episodes of Season 2 before watching all of Season 1 (Season 2 features a different cast and contestants). However, I was surprised by how closely Season 2 resembles Season 1. Honestly, it was more like watching a remake -- not a continuation of a popular series. Even though there were different contestants, their occupations and/or wishes are so similar it was ridiculous. That's not to say they didn't change anything. Instead of having the host be at odds with the producer, they changed it to the director -- and the contestants are no longer content to sit there and be interrogated, forcing the crew to keep convincing/tricking them to return. Of course, only 2 episodes have aired at the time of this review, so maybe it'll pick up.

But right now, it's like watching Season 1 all over again, but with a different cast (I'll admit, I do have a soft-spot for Arashi, so enjoyed seeing Sho in the position of host). However, the changes are just too insignificant to matter.

Here are some of the similarities:


~Begins in an insane asylum
~Game Show host suffers from memory lost
~Contestants connected to his past

~Season 1, Contestant 1: washed up musician, accused of murdering his manager
~Season 2, Contestant 1: washed up musician, accused of murdering his bandmate

~Season 1, Contestant 2: aspiring manga-artist, gave up her dream because her boyfriend died, wishes to get her manga published
~Season 2, Contestant 2: popular writer, reveals she didn't really write those books, wants to get her own book published


It's an exciting drama, but I think it's something you need to watch for yourself. Though if you liked Liar Game, I think you'll like this one too. I plan to watch all of Season 2 when it's done airing... hopefully, they include enough interesting twists.


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    Sorry, all the old sites are now dead. The only place I was able to find it was on a Torrent Site I use: AvistaZ (a google search will turn it up). If you're willing to sign up and be a member (it's free) you can find it there. Otherwise, you'll have to hope and pray they add it to Viki or Dramafever at some point!


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