Temptation of Wolves

((summary taken from AsianMediaWiki))

Han-kyung a rustic girl, comes to town to live with her mom. Attracted to her pure charm, the most popular guys Hae-won and Tae-sung come up to fight each other. But Tae- sung has a fatal secret not to love her. Their sad love triangle makes everyone cry.

This movie is also known by the title, Romance of Their Own.

My Rating:

That's it. A law needs to be passed that says writing a synopsis for a movie without some kind of college degree should be illegal (though to be fair, I can't remember if the synopsis above is the original one I read.) I mean, I loved this movie, but the synopsis made it seem like it was going to be a pretty standard romantic comedy: one girl, torn between two cute guys.


All lies.

The guy I was rooting for had an unfair disadvantage right from the start. I'm convinced though, that if it had remained a fair fight, she would have gotten with the right guy, and I could have called this movie fantastic! But, since my hopes and dreams were so cruelly crushed, now I can only bring myself to call it excellent. No fair! I want a rewrite with the same cast, and this time, leave out the drama and give it a happy ending!

**takes a long deep breath**

Okay, I feel better. Now I can continue on with my unbiased, awesome, totally spectacular review: the acting in this was excellent. I adored all the characters, even the supporting cast. In particular Han-kyung's sister really stood out: if she had been given her own side story, I wouldn't have complained. And I was excited to see that I instantly recognized several of the actors and actresses, particularly Lee Cheong-A who I enjoyed watching in the drama, Let's Go To The Beach. Kang Dong-Won was excellent, as usual. He really brought his character to life--so much so, that it was painful to watch at times.

The plot was interesting (although it's been done a little too much, imho) but in this situation, I thought it worked really well: it added an extra depth to the story and much more rounded characters. Plus, they did a beautiful job setting it up. I also liked how every scene in this movie was important: nothing was thrown in on a whim, and everything made sense. It's definitely a nice change from He Was Cool...

Oh! I do wish they would have explained a little more about Han-kyung's past though. Like, how she's related to her sister and little brother: step-siblings, half, or blood-relatives? I mean, it's not really that important to the story, but it still had me wondering. And if they were blood-siblings, then why was she the only one who stayed with their dad? I'm guessing that they're only step-siblings. But maybe in Korea, family ties through marriage and divorce are taken more seriously. Oh well, like I said, it's not vital to the plot. It just made me curious, that's all.

My only real complaint (if you can even call it that) was that the mood and tone changed so quickly. But even that I can't really complain about since the transition worked so well... but I, emotionally, wasn't really for it.


I'm a wimp and I need time to cope. If I go into a movie knowing that it's going to be all melodrama, I can deal with it. But if I start watching it, thinking everyone's going to be riding rainbows and smiling happily--only to see the rainbow crash and all the people start screaming as they slowly burn to death--well, you get the point. A little heads up would'a been nice. But really, that's my own fault.

Just be aware of that fact if you choose to watch this: it really isn't a sweet, funny, romantic comedy. This is a drama, and sad things happen. But it's a great drama, so don't let that scare you away from watching it. ^_^

Anyway, truthfully, I loved it.

And I've said all that I wanted to say, so now you'll have to watch it and decide for yourself.


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