My Lucky Star (Episode 01-20)

(EPISODE 01-20)

As far as most dramas go, this one took me awhile to get drawn into. Originally, I thought the plot was cliche and the over-exaggerated dub-job for the main character, kind of annoying. Actually, it wasn't until I skipped 10+ episodes to work on timing episode 13 for Sublimes, that I got truly "addicted" and had a My Lucky Star marathon. There's just something about seeing an angst-ridden Tian Qi torn between love and hate, that really did it for me. After their reunion scene, I just had to go back and watch the series from the very beginning--how else would I find out what tore this potentially loving couple apart, creating such anger and hostility in its place?

And wow, am I glad I did!

This drama had everything I love: humor, angst, romance.

Okay... so that sums up just about every drama, but still... ;)

For me, as always, the main draw was the romance... and Zhong Tian Q/Xia Zhi Xing, did not disappoint. I haven't cheered this hard for a couple in a LONG time!! I like how Tian Qi had a past, and that the first half of the drama was focused on him trying to move on from his ex, while unknowingly falling in love with Zhi Xing. Some of my favorite scenes were from the first half, when they finally get together and are so loving and obviously in love... it doesn't take long to see that their relationship is going to outshine his past romance in every way. Plus, Zhi Xing is such a likable character--even if she is an ex-con, you can tell she has a good heart, and always tries to put other people before herself. It's not hard to see why Tian Qi falls for her. I was cheering for her from the very beginning, and really wanted her to be happy. And watching Tian Qi forsake everything for the girl he loves was adorable (and beyond heartbreaking) when he lost her...

One of this dramas strongest points for me though, surprisingly enough, was its length. Despite the fact that this series was comprised of 20 episodes... for me, it didn't drag at all! This is VERY unusual. Almost every Taiwanese drama I watch, I find myself groaning in frustration, or yelling at the screen mid-way through, wishing for the story to wrap up. My Lucky Star, however, had me captivated from beginning to end. Its pacing was perfect, and never once did I feel like it was growing draggy or boring. Even after watching episode 20, I wanted more!

When I say "marathon", I really mean marathon: this series kept me up several nights, and had me glued to my computer screen. I couldn't seem to go to bed without knowing what would happen next!

The acting, I will admit, was a little over-the-top. But honestly, I haven't seen a Taiwanese drama that isn't! In fact, I'm starting to think that overacting may be a requirement! But still, I can't help but love the playfulness of it all... you can tell that the actors are having fun, and it really comes across while watching it.

The way Yoo Ha Na handled her role, in particular, was really impressive--especially since she is korean and doesn't speak much chinese--yet, she seemed so at ease in her role, I had trouble believing she wasn't even Taiwanese! It would be interesting to see her in something else, maybe something Korean, where she gets to use her own voice. Also, I thought she did exceptionally well with all the crying scenes she had... and trust me, she had a lot!

I'm probably one of the only people who will ever say this... but this was the first time I'd ever heard of Jimmy Lin. At first, I didn't get the big deal--sure, he was somewhat cute, and he's a decent actor--but so are a lot of other Taiwanese actors out there (some, who personally, I find a lot cuter). And although I agree the boy can sing--hearing him trying to sing Elton John's My Song was one of the funniest/most disturbing thing I've ever heard.

Of course, aside from his rendition of My Song, my other earlier impressions were short-lived...

I quickly fell in love with him, especially the way he brought Tian Qi to life: he went from a carefree, rebellious, rich boy, with no interest in his fathers business, to an angry, obsessed, workaholic who had no qualms against using his wealth and power to track down the ex who betrayed him. And he made the transition so well!

Oh, man, his eyes.

How can someone have so much control like that?! It was like watching two completely different characters fighting for dominance--the sweet, naive, Tian Qi of five years ago, against the bitter, angry, revenge-driven Tian Qi of the present--and oh geez, he was hot when he's angry!!

Overall, I loved this series! The length was perfect; the acting, entertaining; the story, intriguing; the race-scenes, exciting; and the romance, adorable.

Plus, I loved this couple.

Beware: it IS a very typical idol drama. But personally, that didn't bother me. I still thought it was much better than average, and seeing a drama dealing with jewelry rather than fashion was a refreshing change.

I would definitely give it a try if you're looking for something fun and entertaining to watch.

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