Miscellaneous Dramas #1

Since there are so many dramas I've watched/enjoyed over the years, I decided to do a small series of miscellaneous posts, where I list some of my favorites, along with its rating and an accompanying music video. My memory is admittedly horrible, so it would be too hard for me to go back and give individual, in-depth reviews for each of these series (though one or two of them I may eventually go back and rewatch.) Hopefully the mv's will showcase them better than my poor rambling ever could.

(Click on the drama title, to read a synopsis.)

My Girl

(k-drama/ romance-comedy/ 16 episodes)
~Lee Da Hae is so funny... this is one of my all-time favorite dramas. I could just stare at Gong-chan all day! Plus, the ending is adorable. ^_^

My Rating:

Prince Turns to Frog

(tw-drama/ romance-comedy/ 20 episodes)
~I'm marrying Ming Dao. You can't have him. oh, and Xu Zi Qian has got to be one of the coolest female characters ever. (I did actually did end up rewatching/reviewing this one)

My Rating:

At the Dolphin Bay
(tw-drama/ romance-drama/ 28 episodes) ~I go back and forth over whether or not this is my favorite drama. Angela's voice is amazing, and I fell in love with Ambrose.

My Rating:


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