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 In a cold dark shaded anatomy classn room, 6 student prosectors are taking part in anatomy class Sun-hwa, Ki-bum, Joong-suk, Eun-joo, Ji-young and Kyung-min are smart medical college freshmen in the same anatomy class. Sun-hwa smart and confident; Ki-bum born to be a team leader full of confidence, Joong-suk son a hospital owner; Kyung-min too weak to be a doctor; Ji-young sexy and haughty but poor at study, Eun-joo studious nerd. They are competing with each other to be the best surgeon, but are strongly tied with fellowship as a team. In the first class, they try to suppress their fear and approach the cadaver that is waiting for them…. The first meeting with a deadly beautiful cadaver, and their nightmare begins. The cadaver is assigned to them, right after the first class. They suffer from ghosts and hallucinations. After several accidents and death of some team members, they start to realize something horrible is coming for them. They do their best to survive and find one clue: these accidents all have something to do with the female cadaver.

My Rating:

One thing I liked about this movie was the plot and setting: they took a naturally creepy yet common experience for medical students, and made that the center of the haunting. Morgues and autopsies by themselves aren’t very common in horror movies, despite their inherent creepiness. The most we’re usually shown in these settings are corpses rising from the autopsy table when the doctor’s back is turned—rarely does the entire setting revolve around it.

And what better victims to set the story around then a group of innocent, nervous med-students, who are learning how to perform autopsies for the first time? More than anything, it was their lack of experience and uneasiness, that really helped set the tone of the film. After all, autopsies are scary enough, without having to deal with a vengeful ghost thrown into the mix…

And again, I didn’t find the story all that confusing. I guessed who the “killer” was early on, and felt the explanation made perfect sense… well, as far as any plot twist can, considering we’re dealing with horror movies! But I really liked the twist at the end, and found everything very convincing… and the acting was great. The main character was actually the same girl from Capital Scandal, so it was exciting seeing her in another, more modern role. And I felt sad and angry when several of the characters died since I’d quickly grown to like them… so that’s another thing it had going for it. When you want the victims to live, the creepy, hands-over-eyes factor is doubled, and the adrenaline rush is stronger than when you’re cheering and want the ghost to kill them.

Of course, there’s nothing really new in this movie: you won’t watch it and feel like it blew your mind, and changed your very perception of horror movies in general. And most people will be able to guess the twist pretty early on… however, it still succeeds in being entertaining, and it does tell a fairly decent story. I’ve long since learned not to expect much from this genre… if I jump once or twice, and can actually understand the motivations of the characters then I’m happy. But still, there are better horror movies out there… though, on the other hand, there are worse ones too. If you’re bored, and just want a movie with a few chills, and a creepy setting, then this one’s for you.


  1. hey i was just wondering if you had read the book that has the same name as this?

  2. anonymous: Nope, never read the book. If I had, you can be sure I would have compared the movie to the book nonstop throughout the entire review.... ^^

  3. so who was the killer? the main girl? i found the last bits a tad bit confusing... was the one-eyed doctor a phantom? or did he possess the girl from that moment of touch?


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