Almost Love

There are so many things I loved about this movie: the acting was top-notch, the characters were extremely likeable, and the story was very realistic. I think most of us dream of having someone who knows us inside and out, just like Dal Rae and Ji Hwan. They knew just what buttons to press to make the other mad, and what to say to cheer them up: I like how everyone seemed aware of their feelings for one another except themselves. Honestly, I just fell head-over-heels in love with them as a couple: I was cheering for them the entire time!

Some of my favorite scenes were when they showed them as children--how they met, how their friendship grew stronger, and of course the burial of the squirrel. The way they grew from friends to the possibility of something more, was handled perfectly, and I love the way their relationship developed throughout the film.

I had a feeling while watching this, that maybe this was based on a real account, or maybe someone's blog--like My Sassy Girl or My Tutor Friend was. I have no proof of this, of course, it's just a feeling more than anything else; but that just goes to show how real these characters were to me.

There was very little I disliked about this movie... but if I had to name something, I would have to say it was Ji Hwan's hairstyle. No seriously. I mean, I know he idolizes Jackie Chan, but really, his hair just looked hideous like that. For his character though, it does fit his personality, and eventually I learned to accept it... but it took a lot of getting used too. And honestly, I don't think I ever truly got over hoping that maybe he'd surprise her with a haircut. Sadly, that was never the case. Even with his hair that way though, he is still cute, so I can't really complain that much.


I do wish they had expanded a little more on the ending though. I realize that they are (probably) together by that point, but a little better confirmation would have made me feel a lot better. Just one quick kiss, that's all I was asking for! Just something to show that their relationship had indeed changed--something I could squeal happily over, rather than get teary-eyed--darn you, overused plot device!


Jeez, this was cute. Even when I was crying over how cruel fate could be, I was still on the edge of my seat, waiting for them to get together. The fact that Dal Rae had a boyfriend who was actually nice, didn't deter my determination for true love to win out in the end. It's always a nice change too, when the jealous boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't go out of their way to ruin the main couple's relationship. You have to repect a character who realizes when he's lost and his willing to step down... she really did choose a great boyfriend.

I also love how they showed their relationship with their parents. Neither of them had a regular family life--Ji Hwan was raised alone by his father; Dal Rae's father was sick--but both of them were stronger because of it. And I really envied the dedication and tenacity they showed when pursuing their dreams... even when it looked impossible, they refused to give up.

And of course the chemistry between them was terrific. I loved the karaoke scene, and the part where they watched the movie together... it really showed how compatible they were, and how close they were to being boyfriend and girlfriend, without realizing it.

I really think I could watch this movie over and over and over again. ;)

As if you couldn't tell by this point, I loved this movie. It wasn't perfect (though in my opinion it was close) but then again, I have yet to see a movie that is perfect. I will admit, however, that during the second half something happens which seriously changes the genre of the film from comedic to dramatic. But honestly, even that didn't bother me. I thought they handled the situation well, and that it brought them even closer together.

Either way, if you like a great romance, this is the movie for you. The chemistry between the two leads is reason enough to watch... ^_^

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