Doll Master

I guess this movie was okay--but it wasn't anything special. I was expecting something more, given so many reviews for this were positive and almost everyone claimed it was scary. So of course, going into it I had very high expectations. In the end, I was disappointed.

But the dolls were cool... ^_^

My main problem with this movie, was the plot. Frankly, the idea for this is just really stupid... especially since I've had my own fair share of dolls since I was little, and they don't exactly conjure up images of terror and fear. Which is one of the reasons I found it so hard to be scared watching this...

I had a doll. Her name was Fame Holly. Trust me, if a bald thing in diapers, with a huge oversized head, wearing a hideous green bonnet suddenly approached me, talking... I wouldn't need any help "remembering" her.

Another problem I had with this is movie is that it's SO predictable. I guessed almost every twist they threw at me, right from the start... the story of Mina, though, was really sad... but again, I expected it, so it came as no surprise.

The only good thing about this movie, in my opinion, is the fact that the dolls inside the house were really creepy. I would never have stayed in such a house!

Overall though, I had a hard time taking this movie seriously. It was interesting, I'll give it that... but I would've liked it more if it was a comedy. The story is too ridiculous to be taken seriously, and the final outcome too cliche and predictable. For a horror movie... well, it didn't quite work for me.

But that's just because I don't find dolls scary in the least...

Then again, who's to say it won't work for you? If dolls creep you out, then by all means, go ahead and watch this. But if they don't, I'd strongly recommend something else. ^_^

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