Hellevator: The Bottled Fools

((summary taken from dramawiki))

One elevator, one girl who can read minds and one floor where the elevator should have never stopped: the ideal ingredients for a classic piece of weird horror. In the claustrophobic space of the elevator, a bunch of screwed up psychos who board halfway through produce absolute madness and mayhem on every square inch.

My Rating:

Wow, what an extremely strange movie. Not that I didn't know that before hand, mind you... after all, the cover alone doesn't exactly hint at rainbows and kittens.

But to be honest, it wasn't as weird as I thought it was going to be. Before watching it, I read a variety of reviews, and though most of them were positive, a fair share of them expressed their disgust and horror over such a thing ever being made. Suffice it to say, I had very high expectations going into this... and for once, I wasn't disappointed.

The gore and violence was actually not that bad. I'm proud to say I've seen films that are much worse--at least this one I could actually watch without getting sick to my stomach. And what there was of it was important to the plot: it was necessary and not overly gratuitous.

And what a strange plot it is! Set in a futuristic world, it's completely normal for a small girl to have a brain for a pet; for a group of cell-phone obsessed clones to exist; for telepathics and psychics to roam freely while probing the minds of those they pass. Yup, just another normal day in the land of Hellevator, lol.

The characters were all very unique--not to mention creepy, and a little psychotic. I don't think one of them was entirely sane... maybe that's why it was so fun to watch. Disturbing, true, but it's hard to say you weren't at least a little entertained. Just the sheer originality of it is refreshing and enough to keep you watching--I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. And despite the strangeness of the plot, for me at least, it was surprisingly easy to follow. I was a little confused while I was watching it, but by the end, I realized I pretty much knew everything that had gone on, and didn't have any questions about the plot: that's extremely rare for me, so of course I was happy.

And I must say, I LOVED the ending. It fit this movie perfectly...

Overall, I'd say if you like strange, futuristic, sci-fi, horror/thrillers, then this is definitely one you won't want to pass up. Don't expect it to change your view on life or anything... but expect to be entertained, if not a little disturbed.


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