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Imagine that you're at the so-called "marriageable age" of your life as a single woman...what would your ideal conditions for a husband be? Back in the day, people used to say the "3 Hs"--high salary, high educational background, and tall height; nowadays it's more like the "3 Ls"--ladies first modest attitude, low risk, and a low dependency rate. But that's another story. The real problem is that before your very eyes, a young, well-paid "super hot celebrity guy" appears...and proposes to you...what do you do?

Hasegawa Kyoko plays Shiraishi Suzuko, a beautiful and strong-minded female chef. Koide Keisuke plays the naive young celebrity businessman, Katsuragi Haruki. These two characters await you in this comic drama full of all sorts of mishaps.


Well, I can begin by saying that this drama feels different from the ones I usually watch. I noticed it immediately, with the first scene in the airplane, when Haruki is sitting in first class. I'm not really sure how to explain it... but so far, most of the scenes feels staged, somehow; like it's a stage play, rather than a drama. Honestly, I'm not sure if I like that. It's still too early to tell for sure though, and the story and the characters are interesting enough to keep me watching... so I plan to see it through to the end. Whether I love it or hate it--it should be interesting to see how it grows (or doesn't grow on me, as the case may be) throughout its 10 episodes.

First of all, I can already see a strong connection between this and the Korean drama, Only You. Even the restaurants (well, what I can remember of it) look similar, and both main characters specialize in Italian cuisine. So far the plot is almost identical: "Mr Right" becomes their manager and threatens to close the restaurant down, only to eventually change his mind after witnessing the female cook's skills in the kitchen. I don't really intend to compare the two dramas, but that was just the first thing I noticed when I started watching this.

I'm most interested in seeing how Suzuko and Haruki's relationship progresses, and how they get together. Right now, I'm not sensing any real chemistry between the two, and she does seem older than him...but I may quickly change my mind. So far I'm really enjoying Suzuko's character. I love how she chased after him with his money, and threw it back in his face. You have to respect a person who knows money isn't everything...

I am curious to see how episode 2 plays out.


I finally got to see the entire opening theme, and though I like the song, the opening itself is really strange... hmm, kind of hard to explain, but it's not my favorite opening, that's for sure. And it just reinforces what I was saying about this being really staged--though, here, it's intentional.

As for the episode itself: eh, Angela's not impressed. It's becoming very cliche, and I still am not feeling any chemistry between the main couple--even when they were dancing, it made me very uncomfortable--I felt so sorry for Suzuko. So far, a lot of this just seems rushed... and going by the preview for the next episode, it's not going to get any better. It's really making me miss the good quality dramas of old: long vacation, virgin road, gto. The entire time I'm watching Delicious Proposal, I wish I was watching something else...

On anther note: she lost her father two years ago... he lost his brother two years ago. I'm definitely thinking something is up and that it's going to be important later on. And I must say: eww, on being hit on by her future father-in-law. That was definitely a scene I did not need to see.

I'm trying to hang in there. I only have 8 episodes to go!


I have a prediction: towards the end of the series, Suzuko's ex-boyfriend is going to make an appearance. Well, that's what happens in most j-dramas anyway. Of course, I could be wrong... but I doubt it.

One thing I must say about this episode though, is that the women in this drama have very strange voices. I noticed it in episode 2, but decided to wait and see if their voices started to get on my nerves. Strangely enough, this is the first time I've ever had a complaint about an actors voice... and not just once, but twice. Saori, the girl Haruki is pining for, her voice is actually cute-strange. But the other one (the outspoken, self-appointed "love" rival) is Fran Dreiser-annoying-strange.

I still don't feel any chemistry from the main couple... but maybe it'll improve within the next couple episodes. 7 to go (though I wish there were less).


Okay, so... the beginning of this episode made me want to claw my eyes out. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like them as a couple, and I'm almost certain that I never will. Just watching them "act" romantic makes me want to laugh (or gag)--and you must admit, such a reaction is not a good thing when watching a romantic drama.

What it comes down to, I think, is that this whole show is just very staged, and I can't get over that and make myself enjoy it. When I watch dramas, I want to be caught up in what's happening with the story and the characters--I want to forget that it's fake. In Delicious Proposal, I can't get caught up in anything that's going on. And what does manage to capture my attention are the negative aspects of the drama, not the positive.

To put it bluntly: there are too many good dramas out there that I could be watching, so I really don't understand why I'm wasting time watching this one. The actors can't act, there is no chemistry, the age difference between them is really starting to bug me, and I can't stand how fake everything is.

And watching a drama shouldn't be a chore.

So basically, I've come to a decision: I'm giving up on this stupid drama. I'm giving it NO stars, and moving on with my life. There. I feel better already. ^_^

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