Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 (11 Episodes)

((summary taken from dramawiki))

Hina, a student at Nikko High School, goes out one evening with her classmate Beniko. They get split up and Hina ends up in a strange meeting with a man named Ikumi in a game arcade. The next day, Ikumi turns up as the new teacher at her school. Ikumi doesn't seem to recognize Hina but the wheels of fate are slowly moving to reunite them in what is a passionate story of forbidden love.

One of the main underlying themes of this drama is death. Another important theme is the struggle Hina and Ikumi have in trying to realize the difference between love and dependence... or is there a difference?

Not just a remake of the 1993 version; it takes place at the same school, but with different characters and situations. 


So far I love this drama, and it's only the first episode. The characters are very realistic, the acting incredible, the directing is great, and nothing seems staged or forced. They seem like two honest people who could really exist--two people who are just living their lives the best way they know how, flaws and all. The only thing that worries me, is that I fear it's going to have a sad ending: the tone of the drama itself, plus, the actions of the teacher, really make it seem like he's going to die at the end. Just a guess... I could easily be wrong. In fact, I hope I'm wrong. ;)

But on the other hand, that can make a drama even more beautiful, so if that does happen, I'm not going to let it stop me from enjoying this while I can.

Also, the chemistry between the couple is incredible; you could feel it the moment they first met at the arcade. And I like how they met before he started teaching: it's always easier to empathize with the characters when you know they fell in love beforehand--when they're still unaware of the danger, and the taboo that will eventually come with it.


My favorite part was when the 12 grader kissed him, and he pushed her into the pool. I was glad to see that he wasn't a pervert or anything, and that Hina was special, and not just some student he could manipulate or use for his own selfish reasons. That made the ending even sweeter: when he admitted to having recognized her, but was afraid to admit it. That entire scene was just very cute!


It's 11 episodes long, and I have a feeling it's going to go by fast. THIS is what I wanted Delicious Proposal to be like.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. ^_^


Despite my interest in this series, it took me FOREVER to watch episode 2... even though I was always thinking about it, I could never seem to find the motivation to click the next episode. I'm so proud of myself for finally forcing myself though--I was not disappointed.

My first impression of this episode? The main girl kind of bugged me, lol. At first, she came off very stalker-ish and desperate... but thankfully, she got much better as the episode progressed. Plus, she was so sweet to her friend. Another thing I didn't like though, was the fact that the teacher seemed to be getting closer to the student he rejected in the first episode... I wish they could have ended it with his initial rejection and had the character fade into the background. But I understand why they handled it the way they did.

Now, for the part I was waiting for...

...The plot twist at the end was AWESOME!!!

It was horrible, cruel, unexpected. And for some reason, I started laughing immediately after. I think I was in shock... I literally couldn't believe what I had just saw/heard.

But... WOW!

I don't think ANYONE could have seen that coming. Now I really want to see what happens next. LOL. I'm still in shock...


Everybody in this drama is evil. This is the conclusion I've come to after watching Episode 3. The nurse, her head teacher, the bar host, the teacher who's dying, the high school swimmer who is shamelessly hitting on the dying teacher. I wonder if any of them will redeem themselves by the end of the series. I'm guessing no, but they do have 8 more episodes to try.

I'm really liking the relationship between the main characters. There's no way to get around the fact that it's screwed up and disturbing... but still, I'm liking the way she's able to comfort him... despite the fact that she's really the one who's out there, actively seeking his support and confidence. But at least he finally has someone to understand what's he's going through: I'm already convinced she's the perfect person to help him through this, even if she doesn't know his condition yet.

I'm very curious to see how this relationship will end. Though I think it's safe to say, someone dies.

Also, the side plots are getting more and more interesting; especially the head teacher's story. I'm curious to see where both of them are headed.


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