Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs

This movie was awesome! It had a fantastic story/plot, lots of interesting characters, and tons of creepy, scream-worthy moments! The acting was terrific--the girl who played the over-weight student in particular, was amazing. That must have been such a fun role to play! It really made me wonder what else she's acted in.

The two main girls, of course, were great as well. I was surprised to realize I recognized Jin-sung's actress from Goong (where she also played a ballerina!). haha, I hated her in that too! Maybe some day she'll play a character I don't quickly grow to despise. ^_^

One thing I really liked about this movie though, was the way friendships were portrayed--not just between two friends, but through groups as well. Bullying becomes almost psychological with girls, and here it was used very effectively. And the way they depicted the misfit was very realistic: the quiet, strange girl who yearns to fit in, secretly idolizing those she wishes to befriend but doesn't have the courage to approach--it made the characters very pitiful, and their motivations very human.

Honestly, I really felt for So-hee's character. Everything that happened to her was so unfair, and she didn't deserve any of it. So I really didn't blame her for her actions... even if they were a little extreme. (okay VERY extreme, but I don't care). Heck, several times, I even cheered for her! Err, I'm not crazy or anything. Don't worry. I just like seeing people get what's coming to them--which is always acceptable in a movie. ;)

Another thing I really liked about this horror film, was the fact that many of the death scenes were unpredictable. Usually, it's really easy for me to guess how someone is going to die... but here, I was fooled almost every time. Maybe I just got lucky, and wasn't at the 'top of my game', but I love when a movie exceeds my expectations, and does the unexpected. I was surprised from beginning to end. ^_^

And yes, I was jumping and screaming like crazy. I got more than a few weird looks from my boyfriend while I was watching it, lol.

Plus, the whole idea seemed very original to me. I'm not sure if this is a common legend in Korea, or Asia... but I'd never heard of anything like that before! Of course, even if I had, I wouldn't be stupid enough to go through with it!

Overall, a terrific horror movie. The director definitely knew what he was doing! The only thing that's stopping me from giving it all 5 stars, is the fact that this is a horror movie, and I don't feel like I've seen enough good ones to accurately gauge what would deem it a 5. Once I see a few more good ones, maybe the rating will go up a bit.

(It did: it went from a 4 to a 4.5).

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