I may be having a tiny bit of trouble deciding if I liked this movie or not. It was cute, and sweet... and I loved the main actors. But when all is said and done, I didn't really come away with anything after the credits rolled. I just kind of shrugged, and was ready to watch something else.

I think the main problem was the plot. It was believable, but it was very very typical. While watching it, I couldn't help thinking that I've seen this before in a variety of other Korean movies. Usually, that's not necessarily a bad thing... but for some reason, after watching this, I found it very forgettable.

I did however love the chemistry between the main couple. Shin Min-ah is one of my favorite Korean actresses--I just loved her in Punch. And though I haven't seen Jo In-sung in anything, I've heard of almost every drama he's been in, and only lack of time has kept me from watching them all. And here, he really seemed to embody the role.

I especially liked the contrast between their characters--they were so different, and yet when they're together, they just seem to fit. And I like how they included the flashbacks (the notebook-incident, and the gelled hair). And of course I loved the rain scene! (probably because I love rain in general, so I could completely understand the appeal). ;)

Also, I thought using Madeleine for the title was very clever. It was interesting how they worked it into the story... although I do wish they had included it in the ending somehow. They could have done a lot more with it, than what they did.

One thing I must comment on though, is the music. The soundtrack was AWESOME. My favorites were actually the songs their junior high classmate sang (her name escapes me)... I really liked her voice. (Which is saying a lot, since I usually despise any character who gets in the way of the main couple). And in movies, it's always nice to hear a variety of music, and not the same song sung over and over again, which is usually the case in dramas.

Overall, I'd say it was very average, but still enjoyable. It wasn't depressing, and nobody was dying of an illness or incurable disease (which is always a plus). It is very forgettable though, and I doubt I'll remember its plot or characters from all the other movies I've seen. But while I watched it, I enjoyed it. And I guess that's all that really counts. ^_^

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  1. haha, just to reinforce how forgettable this movie was, I started watching it again, years later, and got half-way through before I realized I'd already seen it! ;)


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